SNGPL New Connection Process for Domestic Users

SNGPL (Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited) offers a new connection service to provide natural gas to homes and businesses within its operational regions in the northern part of Pakistan. SNGPL Bill is paid on monthly basis for all users.

This service is designed for those who do not currently have access to natural gas and are looking to establish a new supply. The service includes installing a gas meter and the necessary pipeline infrastructure to connect the property to the nearest gas main. For Old connections check Sngpl Connection Transfer and Change of Name Online Application.

The process for obtaining a new connection involves submitting an application either online or in person at an SNGPL office, providing necessary documents like a copy of CNIC, proof of residence, and photographs, and paying the associated fees outlined in the demand notice.

Once the application is approved and fees are paid, SNGPL schedules the installation, which includes laying down pipes and setting up the meter. After installation, the gas supply is activated, enabling the use of natural gas for heating, cooking, and other needs.

SNGPL New Connection Process for Domestic Users

Before applying, it’s important to understand which type of connection suits your household needs:

  1. Standard Connection: This is the most common type of domestic gas connection, typically adequate for daily cooking and water heating. It’s designed for average gas consumption in small to medium-sized homes.
  2. High-Pressure Connection: For households that require a larger volume of gas, perhaps due to the presence of central heating systems or multiple gas appliances, a high-pressure connection is advisable. This type ensures the gas supply is both consistent and sufficient.

Detailed Step-by-Step Connection Procedure

Let’s break down the application process into detailed steps:

Step 1: Application Submission
  • Online: The quickest way to apply is online. Visit the SNGPL website, locate the ‘New Connection’ tab, and fill out the digital form. Double-check your entries for accuracy to avoid delays.
  • Offline: If you prefer in-person assistance or lack internet access, you can visit the nearest SNGPL customer service center. There, you can obtain, fill out, and submit the application form directly.
  • For misuse and in case of false information read SNGPL New Fine and Punishments 2024 for illegal Connections and Gas Theft.
Step 2: Document Submission

Along with your application, you’ll need to provide:

  • CNIC Copy: A photocopy of your National Identity Card, which serves as your official identification.
  • Proof of Residence: Any document that proves where you live, like a recent utility bill or a lease agreement if you’re renting.
  • NOC from Society: If you live in a regulated community or housing society, you may need a No Objection Certificate from the society’s management.
  • Photographs: Two recent passport-size photographs to accompany your application.
Step 3: Demand Notice Payment
  • Upon processing your application, SNGPL will send you a Demand Notice for the connection charges. This notice can be paid at any associated bank or through an online banking service.
Sngpl demand notice
Step 4: Installation
  • An authorized technician from SNGPL will schedule a visit to your home to install the necessary meter and pipeline. The timeline for this can vary based on workload and your location’s accessibility.
Step 5: Gas Supply Activation
  • Following a successful installation, the technician will activate your gas supply. They will perform basic safety checks to ensure everything is in order before the gas is turned on.

Additional Tips

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check the status of your application either online or by visiting your local SNGPL office.
  • Safety First: It’s crucial that all installations are carried out by qualified SNGPL technicians to ensure the safety of your home and compliance with regulations.


Understanding each step in detail helps streamline the process and sets clear expectations for acquiring a new domestic gas connection from SNGPL. By preparing properly and following the necessary steps, you can enjoy a hassle-free installation and reliable gas service in your home.

FAQs about SNGPL New Connection

1. How do I apply for a new SNGPL connection?

To apply for a new connection with SNGPL, you can either submit your application online through the SNGPL website or visit a local SNGPL office to fill out and submit a physical form. Ensure that all required personal information is accurately provided to avoid any delays in processing.

2. What documents are required when applying for a new SNGPL connection?

When applying for a new connection, you will need to submit a copy of your CNIC, proof of your current residence (like a utility bill or lease agreement), a No Objection Certificate (NOC) if you live in a regulated housing society, and two recent passport-sized photographs.

3. How much does it cost to get a new SNGPL connection?

The cost for a new connection can vary based on location and the type of connection required. You will receive a Demand Notice from SNGPL detailing the payment needed after your application is processed. This notice can be paid at designated banks or online.

4. How long does it take to install a new SNGPL connection?

The installation time can vary depending on the current workload and the specific requirements of your connection. Generally, it can take a few weeks from the payment of the Demand Notice to the completion of the installation.

5. Can I track the status of my new connection application?

Yes, you can track the status of your application online through the SNGPL website by using your application number. Alternatively, you can contact the nearest SNGPL customer service center for updates.

6. What happens after I pay the Demand Notice?

After you pay the Demand Notice, SNGPL schedules the installation of your gas meter and the necessary pipelines. An authorized SNGPL technician will visit your home to carry out the installation and ensure everything is set up correctly.

7. Are there any safety guidelines I should follow after getting a new gas connection?

Yes, it is crucial to follow safety guidelines to ensure proper use and maintenance of your gas connection. This includes regularly checking for leaks, ensuring proper ventilation in areas where gas appliances are used, and using gas appliances that are compliant with safety standards.

8. What should I do if I face any issues after the installation?

If you encounter any problems or irregularities after the installation, such as a gas leak or inconsistent supply, immediately contact SNGPL’s customer service. It is recommended to report such issues as soon as possible to prevent any potential hazards.

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