SNGPL New Fine and Punishments 2024 for illegal Connections and Gas Theft

This article outlines a series of crackdown measures announced by the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) to address various infractions related to gas usage and meter tampering. The crackdown aims to ensure compliance with gas usage policies and to safeguard the integrity of gas supply systems. Here’s a summary of the key points. Meanwhile for New bill of sngpl visit

  1. Increased Surveillance and Penalties: The infographic indicates that SNGPL has set strict penalties for illegal connections and tampering with meters. These include fines and potential legal actions, emphasizing the company’s commitment to curbing illegal activities.
  2. Specific Violations and Responses:
    • Illegal gas connections and meter tampering are highlighted with specific fines and actions to be taken against the offenders.
    • The penalties vary based on the type of violation, with significant fines imposed for tampering with meters or making unauthorized connections.
  3. Public Awareness and Reporting:
    • The infographic encourages the public to report any illegal gas connections or suspicions of meter tampering.
    • It includes a contact number for reporting these activities, suggesting that community involvement is crucial for the success of these measures.
  4. Ongoing Efforts Since 2016:
    • The campaign is part of an ongoing effort that began in 2016, aiming to systematically address and reduce illegal gas usage and enhance the efficiency of gas distribution.
  5. Objective:
    • The overarching goal of these measures is to ensure fair use of gas resources, reduce losses for the company, and maintain a reliable supply of gas to all legitimate and paying customers.

This initiative reflects SNGPL’s proactive stance against corruption and illegal activities in gas usage, ensuring compliance with the law and protecting essential resources. Check SNGPL Shut down and loadshedding schedule.

List of Punishments and Fines by SNGPL

Here are the specifics of the punishments mentioned:

  1. Illegal Connection Punishments:
    • For a small residential illegal connection, there is a fine of 10 to 30 times the estimated bill amount for the period the connection was used.
    • For a medium residential connection, the multiplier increases to 10 to 50 times the estimated bill.
    • For commercial connections, the fines are even steeper, with penalties ranging from 6 to 14 times the estimated bill for small commercial entities and from 7 to 50 times for larger businesses.
  2. Meter Tampering:
    • Tampering with meters in a residential setting results in a fine ranging from 14 to 50 times the estimated bill, depending on the extent and nature of the tampering.

These fines are part of an ongoing crackdown initiative that SNGPL has been enforcing since 2016 to combat gas theft and ensure the integrity of their distribution system. The initiative also encourages the public to report any illegal activities, promoting transparency and community involvement in safeguarding the gas supply.

To report gas theft to SNGPL, you can use the following contact details:

  • Phone Numbers: You can report gas theft by calling SNGPL’s dedicated helpline at 1199 and +92 42 99082000. These numbers are available for immediate assistance and to address customer complaints related to gas theft or other non-billing issues.
  • Email: For less urgent communications, you can send details of your complaint to, especially if you are reporting a non-urgent issue or need to provide detailed documentation. Check new connection process.
Punishments and Fines by SNGPL

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